Weather Eye: Above-average temperatures return; Mom’s Day may be wet




We had a taste of June weather on Wednesday with the morning low clouds that lingered into the early morning hours before the sunshine broke through. We still managed to achieve and succeed our average high for the date of 67 degrees.

Today through Saturday we will see highs well above average again with temperatures between 80-85 degrees. A few brief low clouds are possible today. Looking ahead for Mother’s Day it appears we have a low pressure system, not too strong but enough to give us some rain. Maybe, a wetting between the car and Sunday brunch but nothing serious.

So backyard barbecues are probably out, you can save that for Father’s Day. This will be our first measurable rainfall this month and it is possible the front will hold together and give us enough to water the grass.

Despite some chilly lows in the 30s the first few days of the month with frost in many areas, our average mean temperature is running nearly seven degrees above average. We cool down to near normal Sunday through Tuesday. And, a little rain will be good for the yard and garden, don’t you think?

Last month’s rainfall reports are coming in from your friends and neighbors so I will share those with you Sunday. It was fairly dry here in Vancouver with only 2.20 inches, but I noticed a few good heavy amounts from a few observers.

My friend and fellow weather observer Roland Derksen of Vancouver, B.C. emailed that he enjoyed 85-degree weather over the weekend up there as well.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Weather Systems.