Letter: Light rail is unreliable



How many times will something have to happen before light-rail supporters admit that MAX is not as reliable as they say it is?

On May 6, MAX power lines went out at 5:30 a.m. and more than 12 hours later, they were still not all on line and running, with limited information as to what happened.

It seems to me, the more you look at MAX, the more you can find wrong with it: cracked tracks, doors that won't close, more than one power outage in less than a week, when it's too hot there's track swelling, when it's too cold there are icy power lines. Not to mention the operators unions wanting more pay (thus increasing your fees), pedestrians and vehicles getting hit, parents and kids being separated, crime, and the list goes on.

Tell it to all your bosses why you are late. Many places will accept no excuses.

If you get stuck in traffic, you get a warning and they tell you that you should leave earlier in case there's bad traffic.

What about when your MAX train makes you late? Is MAX really the answer?

No, the light-rail trains are not reliable, as they have already proven, and we do not need its costs and troubles here.

Arthur Hooper