Letter: Benton hiring: Political whim



I can smell the rotten garbage of political favoritism all the way to the Seattle area. The decision to give Sen. Don Benton the director of environmental services job for Clark County is a classic example of shameful actions by far too many politicians that smear the hard work of honest citizen representatives.

Economics forced me to head north for a job and I deeply miss the Vancouver area and the many wonderful people I worked with in varied civic roles, including politicians from both major parties. Sen. Benton has for many years been a sadly enduring example of a political hack, and it's depressing to see such reprehensible actions by Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke. My heart goes out to the staff who will have to report to Sen. Benton and to the citizens of Clark County who will undoubtedly suffer from his future decisions that will be based not on scientific, civic or environmental merit but blatant political whim.

Richard Wolf