Letter: Level of incompetence reached



I recently reread an old book, "The Peter Principle," copyright 1969. Its main idea is how people will eventually, through promotions, reach their level of incompetence. While browsing through the chapters, the Columbia River Crossing board members kept popping into my vision. It's beyond comprehension how a group of so-called experts can dawdle away more than $170 million on a project that has exceeded 10 years in planning, only to find out that the proposal is not acceptable.

In addition, the state recently authorized another $80 million-plus to further study the boondoggled project. In my opinion, some if not all of the CRC board have reached their level of incompetence. It's time for these individuals to be replaced with hopefully capable people who can handle the task.

I read in the newspaper where our neighboring state governor had the audacity to threaten our state by saying "No light rail, no CRC." I'm afraid this thinking qualifies this person, alongside our incapable CRC board, of having attained his level of incompetence. Oregon experts recently said that the existing bridge is good for another 60 years. So why don't the powers-to-be focus their attention on the possibility of building a third bridge by extending Southeast 192nd Avenue across the river?

K. Juergen von Husen