Letter: City council is ignoring the people



One has the feeling that many people are sick and tired of ongoing tactics by the Vancouver City Council to block any public vote on light rail. The last time I checked, we still live in a republic that allows the people to speak by voting on issues they deem important to their future.

The pro-Columbia River Crossing with light rail mayor and certain others on the city council appear to be using whatever is the excuse of the day to continue throwing roadblocks in the way of the will of the people. Even though the proposed ballot initiative is anti-light rail, let the people vote.

The Columbian reported that on May 6 the city council again declined to place an anti-light rail initiative on the November ballot ("Council denies a vote on light rail," May 7). This time the city attorney again stated that the initiative falls outside the scope of the city's initiative powers and would not be legally defensible. This analysis notwithstanding the public does deserve to make an up-or-down vote on light rail, even if the outcome can only be regarded as advisory.

Gary Andersen