Letter: NRA misuses ‘war’ term



I’m responding to the May 4 story “NRA gathering a call to arms for ‘culture war.'” This was a careless and irresponsible use of the word “war” by the National Rifle Association. President Eisenhower believed that “War can justify almost anything.” He was right; and it is in the very word “war.” If one literally reflects on the word “war,” what one sees is the word “raw.” And some meanings of “raw” are: uncooked, unrefined, unprocessed, crude, brutal, and unfinished.

So, do we need more victims to remind us that war can victimize our children and us? Does the NRA have in mind some kind of parade in which a conquering army marches down the street with their guns for the people to see? Do we really need more shroud-wrapped bodies of little children to see what this war can do? One would hope the answers of responsible neighbors (you and I), would be “no.”

Homer E. Myers