Collins says fan sound-off was out of frustration



ST. LOUIS (AP) — Mets manager Terry Collins apologized in a fashion, a day after criticizing New York fans who thought he hadn’t defended one of his players.

Collins says he regretted his choice of words. The Mets began Wednesday on a five-game losing streak and with seven losses in eight games, and the manager said his words were caused by frustration.

Collins said Tuesday that he wasn’t accountable to fans who have “absolutely no idea what goes on.” He’d had no issue with the Pirates plunking Jordany Valdespin for admiring a home run too long, and he said Valdespin had been aware he’d be targeted.

On Wednesday, Collins complimented Mets fans for knowing the game and said he understood that drama surrounding the team might be interesting when a team is losing. He added he hadn’t been “baited” into sounding off and wanted fans to know he had faith in his roster.