Letter: Liberals have cronies, too



What’s with all the fuss over the Clark County commissioners selecting an elected political “crony” to head the environmental department? Where was the outrage back in February when Gov. Jay Inslee appointed Lynn Peterson to head the state Transportation Department?

While not currently elected at the time of her appointment, Peterson has an elected history: Clackamas County Commission, City of Lake Oswego Council. And she was a protégé of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber at the time of her appointment. She has a distinct track record of promoting light rail and streetcars over any automobile-related transportation option. Certainly this smells of “cronyism,” as much or more than Don Benton’s selection for his environmental position.

Could the problem be that Don Benton, Tom Mielke, and David Madore are conservatives, whereas Jay Inslee, Lynn Peterson, John Kitzhaber and those making the fuss are avowed liberals? Can only liberals appoint their friends?

Thomas Ramisch