Letter: Clowns bring tragic consequences



Elections matter we’ve been told. As Clark County voters awaken each morning to read the newspaper, they are realizing this fact.

Voters elected a new voice in the county. Newly elected County Commissioner David Madore immediately stirred up controversy by hiring a personal assistant with his own money. Voters re-elected County Commissioner Tom Mielke, who chose to not pay his county property taxes on time because the penalties were less than the interest on his loans. Clark County voters had spoken.

Now these two commissioners decided to create a new way of serving the county. They voted to stop payments to Columbia River Economic Development Council. They voted to cut back funding for county parks through the elimination of parking fees. They decided a two-year contract for the Humane Society was unnecessary.

Madore has decided that Sen. Don Benton is his best person to watch over county environmental decisions and budget. This same Republican senator is to watch over this budget, even though this same senator had problems taking care of the budget for the Washington state Republican Party and left that chairmanship.

A county usually runs on procedures, but for this county, the roller-coaster ride continues.

Usually clowns bring us humor, but in Clark County they provide a true tragedy of consequences.

Paquita Rupp