Letter: Attack on character unacceptable



This letter is in response to the May 9 story “Inslee to Senate: No probe of CRC.” Our new governor has decided that the Columbia River Crossing project has been audited repeatedly and there is no need for any further auditing. He then attacks the credibility of forensic accountant Tiffany Couch, who has repeatedly disputed the integrity and accuracy of the numbers supplied to her by the CRC. She has testified at state Senate and legislative hearings on this issue several times. All information has been verified and confirmed as accurate by forensic accountant Linda Saunders of Jefferson County.

I find it extremely odd that Gov. Inslee would attack Couch’s credibility, then not mention anything about Saunders’ verification of Couch’s work. Couch teaches and speaks to thousands of people every year at seminars all across this country. She has a very high level of credibility and integrity .

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt has repeatedly called Couch a “so called” forensic accountant in public meetings. Gov. Jay Inslee and Leavitt cannot defend themselves against the inaccuracy of the CRC numbers, therefore, they attack her credibility and integrity. Character assassination should never be acceptable by any elected official just because someone publicly opposes them.

Gerry Murray