Police on lookout for drivers on cellphones, people not buckled



During May and June, Clark County motorists can expect to see extra law enforcement officers patrolling the area’s highways and byways. Officers are on the lookout for people using their cellphone while driving and anyone not wearing a seat belt.

Last year around this time, statewide law enforcement officers issued 3,171 seat belt violations and 1,059 cellphone violations.

Washington boasts the highest seat belt usage rate of any state — 97.5 percent, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Clark County’s rate is even higher: 99.1 percent.

However, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office says motorists tend not to wear their seat belts in the evening.

Funding for overtime patrols is provided by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission in support of the Target Zero initiative to eliminate fatalities and serious injury crashes by 2030.