Letter: High price to pay for success



Reading the May 12 Columbian story “College is a bad financial bet for some, study says,” I believe that this issue needs to be addressed. We as a society should help our younger students overcome the debt that they are taking on during college.

Being successful doesn’t only pertain to a college degree, but also includes other areas such as apprenticeship careers. Moving forward in today’s economy is challenging enough without the added expense of high student loans.

Loans are being taken out without any guarantee for success. There needs to be a solution to this growing problem.

Are the days long gone of being successful without a degree? So much emphasis has been put upon having an education that every aspect of our society is being affected by it. Programs created in high schools or junior colleges would help students make better decisions for their future. By not putting programs in sooner, we are sending the wrong message to the value and success of our youth.

Overall students would be able to spend more money thus helping the economy strive if they did not have so much student debt.

Anna Douglas