Letter: Respect and ethics missing



In the few months since Commissioner David Madore was sworn into office, he’s managed to violate his most important pledge to Clark County. His pledge was quoted in a Jan. 16 interview with Oregonian reporter Amanda Waldroupe: “I have a foundation that I must be ethical. I must be forthright. I must be respectful. One day I’m going to be called on the carpet, and I’m going to have to answer for all my actions.”

Judging by the back-door manipulative and cowardly manner Sen. Don Benton was anointed by Madore and Tom Mielke to the position of environmental services director, clearly Madore is neither forthright, respectful or a good steward over our county money. He shows himself to be just another run-of-the-mill greedy person looking to profit from taxpayer dollars for themselves and their buddies (like Benton).

Commissioner Madore’s day to be “called on the carpet … and answer for all his actions” must be now, before he, Mielke and Benton rob us of more of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Tracy Maguire