Emerald House displays ways to save



An energy-efficient home, designed for a low-income family, is open for public tour between 3 and 5 p.m. Friday. The Plant Clark Emerald House, 9717 N.E. 25th Ave. was designed to use 60 percent less energy and water than a typical home. Features include:

• Natural light and solar heat to reduce electricity use.

• Insulated building panels and triple-glazed windows to reduce heating costs.

• Low-flow water fixtures and centrally located water heating and plumbing.

• A rain garden to treat storm runoff from hard surfaces.

• Low-maintenance landscaping to limit the need for water and fertilizer.

• Rain barrels to collect water for irrigation.

Clark County worked with more than 30 partners, including Evergreen Habitat for Humanity and Quail Homes, to create the 1,154-square-foot home. The county donated the lot and contributed $40,000 to cover the energy efficient features. Private businesses contributed more than $40,000 to the project. Evergreen Habitat for Humanity contributed $40,000 in labor and supplies.