Letter: Madore wrong about removing fees



I am against Clark County Commissioner David Madore’s rush to judgment regarding reducing and/or removing development fees.

A survey of developers indicated there is little correlation between the cost of development fees and the decision whether or not to develop in Clark County and therefore possibly increase jobs.

There has been no accurate attempt to indicate how much the total cost to the county will be, and how much, if any, of the costs would ever be recovered by the new development.

The cost to the county will have to come from somewhere, and that will the general fund, and the road tax. The road tax, which is part of the property taxes, will have to increase for all Clark County residents. The sales tax will have to increase to prevent deficit financing, and prevent county bankruptcy. What happened to the “no increased taxes”?

I thought Madore was supposed to be a smart businessman. What kind of smart businessman rushes to judgment without knowing the cost, whether new jobs would even be created, and if the costs would ever be recovered?

Jim R. Johnson