Letter: Save the millions, exclude light rail



The voters in Clark County have in effect voted down light rail more than once. Do we need a new bridge? Probably a good idea, in my opinion. Light rail is the issue.

I invite everyone in the county to go down to the river’s edge, near the Interstate 5 Bridge. Look at the industry that we will raise havoc with. Think about those jobs.

Could buses do the job of light rail? Of course, at a cost much lower per mile than light rail. Could buses take passengers to more locations that they desire? Of course.

I like my downtown. I do not want to tear it up just because some smart person knows what’s best for me.

The state of Washington needs to come up with $450 million so we can get that “free money” from Washington, D.C. Message to all: The money is coming from your billfold.

A news brief, “Manager declares Detroit is broke,” in the May 14 Columbian mentions that Detroit is struggling to avoid bankruptcy. That same thing is taking place in California. Hang onto that thought. Save the $450 million.

Chris Peterson