Letter: Madore, Mielke know the right path



I am writing in response to watching a recent Clark County commissioner’s meeting on television, mainly on the naming of Sen. Don Benton to director of the county’s environmental services. Unfortunately, most of the citizens who spoke were against David Madore, Tom Mielke, and Benton.

It is my contention that Madore was elected to the board of commissioners overwhelmingly because of his stand on the light-rail issue, which was voted down by Clark County voters in the past. Until Madore came on the scene, our vote meant nothing to those determined to force light rail upon us.

I support the efforts of Madore and Mielke to represent the people who voted for them and their intent to raise the standards necessary to preserve our freedom and prosperity. They both know the right path to increasing needed jobs in the Vancouver area.

There is certainly a spiritual war raging in Clark County. As good citizens, we must never forget that without God, there can be no America.

Marvyle L. Walker