Letter: Madore is running roughshod



Clark County commissioners and the county Board of Health are responsible for local health policy. As a recent retiree from public health, my experience as environmental services manager and lead for the Growing Healthier Report taught me that there is positive visionary community interest in creating the building blocks (e.g., active transportation, access to healthy foods, environmental quality) for a healthy Clark County.

For seven years, I presented or observed presentations to the board on emerging health threats, such as degradation of recreational and drinking water due to fertilizer and agricultural runoff, rising rates of obesity and associated chronic diseases, increased risks to elderly and vulnerable populations from extreme heat events, and yes, even climate change. I saw board members ask questions to clarify, understand, and evaluate possible actions. Not always in agreement with our points of view, they respected our concerns and deliberated in earnest. Even Tom Mielke.

Sadly, perhaps tragically, David Madore is cut from a different cloth, politicizing everything, listening to nothing, his own agenda running roughshod over every dissenting voice and new idea. No wonder the public is up in arms and longtime volunteers and employees are resigning. Even if allowed to voice their opinions, Madore will ensure it is an exercise in futility.

Jonnie Hyde

Battle Ground