Letter: Scrutinize all political groups



Thank you Ruth Marcus for the May 16 column, “IRS scandal overshadows another failure by agency,” stating that the true IRS scandal is its leniency in scrutinizing all political groups, not just conservative ones. My first thought, upon hearing of the scandal, was, “What? They’re not also targeting liberal groups?”

Tax Code Section 501-c-4 exempts groups “operated exclusively for the promotion of … common good and general welfare of the community.” I’d love to know how my general welfare has been improved by the ubiquitous negative TV ads featuring unflattering photos of candidates coupled with pulsating minor chords and a Vincent Price sound-alike sneering probable lies and half-truths on the voice-over.

In the age of instant and nearly free communication, it is preposterous to campaign as before. All campaigning should be forbidden by law until three months before the election. At that time, each candidate could publish his platform, on the Internet and in the newspapers. The only TV spots would be a required round of debates. No mailers, no community organizers, no ads of any kind. No money donated. Any cost should be covered by the government, and with this plan, the cost won’t be much.

As they say, we now have “the best government that money can buy.”

Ellen Putman