Letter: Make litter-free state a priority



After reading letters recently about our littered highways, I feel I should add my five cents worth.

In September, I had occasion to be in Phoenix, Ariz. While there, I made a day trip to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. From the time I left Phoenix to the South Rim and back to Phoenix, I didn’t see one piece of litter, gum wrapper, cigarette pack, nothing on the entire trip. I don’t know if it was because of the inmate labor or that the citizens of Arizona are proud of their state and want to keep it clean.

Coming home, I landed at the Portland airport and took I-205 north. It looked like a garbage truck had traveled on the highway without a cover and everything flew out of the truck. Taking the 134th Street ramp south on I-5 is the same.

I remember some years ago, there was a state law that if you were stopped for a traffic violation and you didn’t have a litter bag in your vehicle, you were ticketed for that also. So what happened to that law? It was repealed in 2003. Was it cruel and unusual punishment? Why can’t we all carry a bag in our cars and collect our garbage and bring it home to put in our trash cans. Or, there are always garbage cans at every rest stop and gas station.

Please be proud of our state and keep it clean and litter-free.

Lenore Hogan