Letter: Secure with right to gun ownership



In response to Josh Youngs’ May 26 letter, “Let the public vote on gun control,” I dispute his claim that the victims are most affected by guns. They are the most negatively impacted by guns, but Youngs ignores the vastly greater positive impact of gun ownership. Legal gun ownership evens the playing field with criminals that do, and will continue to, own guns illegally, no matter the legislative barriers.

My sense of safety is greatly enhanced by my legal ownership of firearms. Knowing I have a defense option available in my own home and travels provides me with confidence to operate normally in an obviously dysfunctional society. Anyone uncomfortable with guns is free to not own one, but the right to ownership for all is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

I would ask Youngs if his response to bullying would be to have victims vote for the repeal of the First Amendment? I think not.

These rights were established for the citizens of this country and the fact that gun ownership came second after free speech is an indication of its importance in maintaining a free society. The millions of law-abiding gun owners feel this positive effect every day but it’s simply not “news.”

Douglas B. Neal