Letter: Give some of your time, volunteer



I read the Oct. 21 Columbian online story “Winter shelter program offers day service.” Winter Hospitality Overflow provides shelters in the winter for homeless and low-income people. This year for the first time, WHO also will provide a daytime shelter. Adding the daytime shelter will allow men, women and children to have a safe and warm environment during the day.

I believe what WHO is doing is amazing. It will provide people with a healthy environment while showing them that someone does care about them. WHO is helping accommodate basic needs to live.

I want more people to be aware of the demand for shelters and the demand for volunteers. Winter is the worst time to be homeless. It is cold and lonely. Tonight when you go to bed, imagine having to sleep under a bridge in the winter, shivering and cold. The volunteers at WHO give their time to give back to the community and help the homeless receive the basics that come so easy to most of us.

Megan Ott