Letter: Tolls must be taken out of equation



As we come closer to another decision regarding the Interstate 5 Bridge and the toll booths, I believe it’s a bad decision to place tolls on the bridge.

As a student at Washington State University Vancouver, money shortage is an issue and a constant thought in my head. Between rent, food, gas and, of course, tuition, I have little left to spend. For students like me or anyone else short on cash, the tolls will make us less likely to travel to Jantzen Beach or Portland. It will make it more difficult to see family members, shop or go out to dinner across the river.

The traffic on the Interstate 205 Bridge will increase as more drivers shift their route to avoid the toll. This makes traveling across the I-205 bridge more time-consuming.

All in all, I believe the tolls will cause more negative than positive effects. There must be better ways of paying for the I-5 Bridge construction. The tolls will simply be too much of a nuisance for drivers and cause more traffic problems on both bridges.

Chris Miller