Columbian seeks “Everybody Has a Story,” ‘What’s up With That?’ contributions



Got a question to ask or a tale to tell? We want to know. And so do your neighbors.

Faithful Columbian readers know they can turn to this space every Wednesday to catch up on their peers’ questions and recollections. But we still haven’t heard from you.

In our “What’s Up With That” feature, we field reader queries about the curiosities of local life. In recent weeks we’ve researched riddles about dead-end roads, utility rates, real estate and land use, political signs, sidewalk construction, roadway striping and lots more. If you’ve got a question about your neighborhood, we’ll do our best to get it answered.

But maybe you prefer telling to asking. “Everybody Has a Story” is the column where our readers do the writing and get the byline. We only ask that your tale be tightly written (1,000 words maximum), of interest to your neighbors, and not already published in your personal blog or elsewhere. Terrific or tragic, historical or newsy, as long as it’s a true story, we’re glad to take a look. This year, readers have related tales about real hummingbirds and fake frogs, home remedies and home cooking, journeys to destinations as familiar as California and as exotic as Moscow. That’s just a sample.

By the way, the holidays are fast approaching, so if you’ve got a holiday-themed story please get it to us early. We always appreciate photos accompanying stories. Best of all is when you send your story by email, so we don’t face a huge handwriting-deciphering and retyping task.

Send all your questions and stories — and please name your neighborhood — to or P.O. Box 180, Vancouver WA 98666.

— Scott Hewitt