Weather Eye: Cloudy, cooler conditions to continue for now




No sooner had one weather front moved through than another followed Wednesday night and today. Bottom line: cloudy and cooler with rain or showers the next five days. It could be breezy at times, especially at the coast, with winds there 45-60 mph and 25-35 mph here.

Snow levels Wednesday were high, near 7,500 feet, but will crash to pass levels later today with a good foot or more by Friday in the higher ski areas.

I have to mention that it was a dismal day Wednesday with clouds hanging low and the rain that moved in during the afternoon. Do you like that drive home in the dark already? Won’t be long and many will be commuting in the dark both ways morning and evening.

I guess it is time to start on the vitamin D as we all will be deficient quickly now that our rainy season has kicked in. Any hours of sunshine will be a bonus from here on out. Even so, the sun angle is low and of short duration. With all the clouds there wasn’t much difference in our high and low temperatures yesterday, mainly around 50 degrees or so.

What was I writing about 10 years ago today? Read on:

“Good news and bad news on the weather scene. The good news is that it will warm up a bit, at least back into the 50s and we should escape sub-freezing temperatures with more cloud cover. The bad news is that if you like sunny weather, we most likely will have more clouds and some moisture heading our way. Actually, the rain is good news because we are running way below normal to be sure. We had a few snow flurries even here around the lowest elevations in Clark County. Not enough to amount to anything, but at least we saw some blowing around.”

Doesn’t sound like we saw much sun back then either and we had snow flurries. See you on Sunday!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at