Letter: Deadline approaching for input



I agree with Judy Edwards’ Oct. 31 letter, “Involve voters in port deal,” urging voters to get involved in the Port of Vancouver’s crude oil terminal. I urge you to submit public comments to the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council by email to efsec@utc.wa.gov before the Nov. 18 deadline.

For more information go to the Columbia Riverkeeper Web page at http://columbiariverkeeper.org/. If the coal export proposals for Longview, Bellingham, and the Vancouver crude oil terminal are approved, there will be no hope to fight climate change.

The ill-designed DOT-111 tanker cars involved in the recent explosion of a runaway train in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, Canada, should be prohibited from traveling through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, and anywhere in Washington state. A crude oil spill into the Columbia River would be devastating.

In Vancouver, I believe this crude oil terminal storing 360,000 barrels of oil, is the largest crude oil terminal in the Northwest. It will have a huge negative impact on our beautiful Vancouver waterfront project. It may kill the project altogether. Who would want to buy a condo near an ugly eyesore, emitting toxic fumes, a rotten egg odor, and since crude oil is highly explosive, the possibility of a massive explosion?

Please email the EFSEC by Nov. 18.

Virginia Nugent