Letter: Dogs aren’t only beings to rein in




Here we go again.

Davis Evans’ Nov. 5 letter “Dogs should not be at market” suggesting banning dogs from Vancouver Farmers Market is clearly the work of a nondog lover.

It’s strange, but each time I have been at the market, with two of my golden retrievers, I don’t see this misbehavior, etc., being claimed. Certainly, it’s not a perfect world, but I maintain that if you ban dogs, then ban small children, too.

I have never caught a cold or flu from my dogs. My dogs do not have snotty faces they wipe off with a paw, neither do they (I have observed this) reach a grubby hand into some cherries, pop them into their mouths, only to have mom dig them out and put them back on the table for sale. Dogs don’t scream and cry and carry on. I have never seen a handler swat a dog on the butt. Many times, and it turns my stomach, I have seen frustrated parents strike a child.

So ban dogs if you must, but I will compare the deportment of my dogs to that of bratty kids any day. You see, we train our dogs. This might be a rumor, but I have heard it works with children, too.

Scotty Richardson