Letter: Bust BPA wide open



Can Big Brother be better than unruly offspring? Yes, in the case of the Department of Energy reeling in Bonneville Power Administration.

Rumors of a power grab by DOE aside, the big feds have recently been exposed in banking failures, eavesdropping, and clownsmanship in Congress. Why not expose an “independent” sub agency, which boasts itself as the biggest machine in the world?

BPA was the darling of The Oregonian and Sen Ron Wyden, D-Ore., until recently. But BPA has been ripped for its disregard of the law, and is now dumbfounded by its superior’s actions. Look further, DOE, and tell us what else you find. Like BPA’s resistance to justify the Interstate 5 reinforcement tower lines planned to run through Clark County, and the truth about the “lights out” scare tactic. Or cancellation of the Cascade Crossing Transmission Project (a 215-mile swath across Mount Hood recreational area to supply as far as California) due to changes in demand. Why propose more high-voltage lines when renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.) calls for different connectivity altogether?

The public needs to know.

George Dill

Battle Ground