Letter: Uncover and expose secret deal



The latest under-the-radar affront to our sovereignty is a political and economic bombshell called Trans-Pacific Partnership. Simply put, it is a NAFTA-on-steroids type of deal amounting to corporate protectionism.

If the U.S. joins this so-called “partnership,” it will upend our people’s right to be self-governing. It creates virtually permanent rule over us (i.e. no expiration date on the agreement, etc.), and no provision in it can be altered unless all member countries agree. Furthermore, all U.S. courts would be rendered impotent in redressing corporate misuse of the TPP’s provisions.

Most of Congress, no surprise here, is in the dark, but for Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., who has confirmed that “It puts corporate interests ahead of American interests.” In short, it is another old-world power-grab by the world’s moneyed elites.

Expect more lies that this trade scam will shower prosperity across our land. Expect attempts to fast-track this shady process. This latest threat of corporate usurpation via secretive, anti-democratic power plays demands that We the People speak out. Bystanding is the problem from hell.

For references and further information, go to: Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch at http://bit.ly/mdMFYT; Citizens Trade Campaign at http://bit.ly/jOn60O; or the Hightower Lowdown at http://bit.ly/1b6j9WL.

Edie Cotton