Catholic bishops urge care in Longview coal terminal review




SEATTLE — Washington’s Catholic bishops are calling on public agencies responsible for reviewing a proposed coal terminal operation in Longview to consider the “full range of potential environmental effects” from the project.

The bishops on Monday released a statement submitted to governmental agencies responsible for drafting the environmental impact statement. In it, they say the proposed Millennium Bulk Terminal in Longview requires “exhaustive and independent review, including: the environmental consequences of transporting coal in our region; the impact on jobs and the economy; the effect that burning coal has on climate change; the impact on regional transportation; the effect on regional fish and wildlife and Native American treaty rights.” The bishops expressed particular concern about the harm that adverse environmental impacts bring to those who are poor.

The comment period on the proposed terminal opened was recently extended by one month to Nov. 18.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been corrected. An earlier version stated in headline that it was a proposed oil terminal instead of coal. Also, the last sentence stated that the comment period had been extended to Dec. 18. That is true for the oil proposal but, according to the state Dept. of Ecology, the comment period for the coal terminal is still Nov. 18.