Letter: ACA is working



It seems The Columbian, in an Oct. 30 editorial “Credibility gap grows,” has joined the Republicans and conservatives calling President Obama a liar over his claim you can keep your insurance. Such disrespect from those who gave us George Bush has little merit.

According to Kaiser Health News those cancellations are because the plans are inadequate per the new Affordable Care Act, and further states the new policies will offer consumers better coverage, in some cases, for comparable cost. A lot of the policies are “junk insurance.” Does anyone out there believe a $54 a month policy will cover anything? Blue Cross noted it will automatically re-enroll those canceled in new policies.

The value of ACA is very real. The past system was nothing but profit being made on Americans suffering and that’s why Republicans don’t like the ACA, their gravy train will be over.

My son, a student in Seattle with little income, signed up on the ACA website at its implementation. It took only 45 minutes, and he is covered. In states like Washington that decided to help their people with the ACA and Medicaid expansion, the system worked and is helping solve America’s problems. Those who denigrate ACA with no alternatives solve nothing.

Bill Kelley