Letter: Ban the complainers



It is well known that dogs with responsible owners are allowed at the Vancouver Farmers Market. I frequent the market several times a year to enjoy seeing the various breeds of dogs as I do my shopping. If someone objects to dogs, why would they attend in the first place? An analogy would be attending an R-rated movie and then complaining about the contents of the film.

I agree with Scotty Richardson’s Nov. 8 letter, “Dogs aren’t only beings to rein in,” in which he states he feels children can be more of a problem than dogs. I recently witnessed two small boys kicking and damaging pumpkins that were displayed on the ground. I have yet to see a dog at the market purposely damaging merchandise.

For those who object to dogs at the Vancouver Farmers Market, you can either attend a market that bans dogs or start your own market where you can have your own rules. Please stop the complaining, and leave those of us who enjoy the dogs to have the pleasure of their company.

Joan M. Tyrrell