Letter: Public demanded better health care



I take issue with the circular argument made by Jay Ambrose in his Oct. 31 column, “Take care as Affordable Care Act moves toward reality.” He highlights five different examples how Obamacare is a hubris attempt for an all-inclusive health care system, as opposed to the one we currently have, which Ambrose claims “90 percent of consumers are satisfied with the policies they have” now. His statement is so ambiguous because this statistic is about the consumers of health care policies. Of course they are satisfied with their policies — they already have one. What about the millions of Americans who do not?

His summation in his last paragraph concludes what, in his words, the public demands. Yet, his argument fails to consider the obvious, the public has already spoken, twice. President Obama is in his second term. During his bid to become president in 2008, he stood firmly on the issue of a national health care system, and won the election. In 2012, President Obama stood by his decisions regarding the Affordable Care Act and won re-election. What more does the public have to say?

Ambrose’s hasty generalizations are the talking points we’ve heard over the last five years. Time will be the great equalizer in this equation.

Brett H. Ellibee