Letter: Broaden advice for mug sequel



Oh, how I love reading Lou Brancaccio’s column. At times, his opinions infuriate me but I find myself following him, fascinated by his peculiar humor; all in spite of what I perceive as his “ivory tower” perspective.

Now, Brancaccio has come up with his capital idea, “Don’t do stupid stuff” coffee mugs. Yeah, Brancaccio might have seized on some entrepreneurial brilliance with this one, but best not bet the newspaper on it.

Might I suggest a more appropriate catchphrase to grace those coffee mugs: “Don’t say stupid stuff.” Then, we’d all certainly have grounds to line up at The Columbian’s front desk for a mug. I’d personally buy this mug for our mayors, current and past (I would also include a former city council member and a certain county charter freeholder).

Better yet, why not cover the rest of us and offer a coffee mug to every contributor to the Letters from Readers page? Now, there’s a capital idea of which The Columbian couldn’t keep up with the orders.

Bruce R. Randall