Letter: Moderate views can win the day



I am a moderate. Like most moderates, I frequently cross party lines when voting.

As a career military officer, for most of my life I voted to the right of center. But with age comes moderation and an unwillingness to blindly accept political rhetoric. I agree with some of the positions of the Democrats/liberals and some of the Republicans/conservatives. On issues I vote for what is best for the state and community and for candidates I support who will best represent the people.

I have noticed in recent years, Democrats/liberals tend more to moderate their views. Republicans/conservatives take the “My way or the highway” and “If you don’t believe like me you are un-American” approaches. They also have a greater tendency to use fear tactics and point the finger of blame. They, of course, always being blameless.

Both parties control certain areas of the country and can control local and congressional elections. But it is moderates like me who elect presidents. The Democrats understand this and Republicans refuse to accept it. The results are that moderates will continue to be pushed left of center and Hillary Clinton can start working on her inauguration speech.

Henry C. Geren II