Woman accused of stealing from blind son kicked out of diversion program




A Vancouver woman accused of stealing from her blind son in 2011 has been kicked out of a Clark County criminal diversion program, which would have allowed her to avoid a felony conviction.

Hazel E. Trent, 52, had a moment of fame in 2012 when she appeared on CBS’s “Swift Justice with Jackie Glass” to resolve a civil suit her son filed. Trent brought her service Chihuahua when she appeared on the show.

According to prosecutors, Trent failed to make payments toward $800 in restitution and $1,000 in diversion program fees.

The diversion program dismisses criminal charges in exchange for staying out of trouble for a year and paying restitution and court and attorney fees. It’s generally offered to first-time offenders charged with nonviolent offenses.

Trent is accused of stealing her son’s debit card and withdrawing more than $3,000. She was charged with second-degree identity theft and second-degree possession of stolen property. Vancouver attorney Barry Brandenburg is defending her. Her trial is set for March 3.

On the TV show, Judge Glass awarded Trent’s son $5,000.