Letter: Schooling too early may lessen play



Preschool has many benefits. A few are listed in the Nov. 14 story “Murray proposes preschool initiative,” reporting on legislation “that would pay for high-quality preschool for children from low- to moderate-income families.” For instance, more attention is given for kids to thrive and have a better education.

The proposed bill will also call for preschool teachers to hold a bachelor’s degree, which is reasonably better than a two-year associate’s degree. The result is that preschool teachers could be paid twice as much. However, to see if money spent for a higher degree is worth the effort depends on the person.

On the other hand, there are some negative impacts on the children whether it is noticed instantly or when they are older (ages 13-25). The one impact that is most vital: kids being kids. In other words, kids who will have enough time to play and freedom to just be without worries. With the way jobs are now and how they might be in the future, children will need a head start for better opportunities. Preschool will provide them the head start but parents or guardians need to remember not to be too serious because kids will be kids.

Alyssa Gibson-Contreras