Letter: Legalizing pot impacts our youth



Pot legalization is very bad for school kids. That’s the message of a Nov. 12 Denver Post story “Pot problems in Colorado schools increase with legalization,” reporting on the clear impacts of Colorado’s pot legalization. There is a sharp rise in disciplinary actions reported by authorities such as Janelle Krueger of the Expelled and At-Risk Student Services for the Colorado Department of Education. Krueger is quoted that “school officials believe the jump is linked to the message that legalization (even though it is still prohibited for anyone under 21) is sending to kids: that marijuana is a medicine and a safe and accepted recreational activity.”

Grand Junction school official Jeff Grady is quoted in the story stating: “Kids are smoking before school and during lunch breaks. They come to school reeking of pot. They are being much more brazen.”

Ann T. Donnelly