Weather Eye: Grateful for cold and clear, compared to others’ brumous week




Sunshine and cold overnight temperatures continued Saturday along with gusty east winds in the eastern sections of the county. Not many changes today, although the winds will slowly decrease.

Dry weather will most likely be with us through Thanksgiving Day and any precipitation may have to wait until December. A weak weather system is forecast to drop down, as the center of the high pressure offshore slides eastward but the low weakens to the point the chances of measurable rain are nil. Another low drops down offshore Wednesday to California keeping us dry. Beyond that, computer forecast models drift around with perhaps some moisture next weekend. To me, not impressed with what I can see.

Meanwhile, not a brumous day for late November locally–Californians would surely trade their weather for ours. Heavy clouds, fog and rain is making the headlines down there continuing from the past few days. They are ready to have their sunshine back.

Excuse me if in my attempt to add a bit of prose in my writing I introduced an implausible word such as brumous. That friends, describes an otherwise foggy, dreary winter day. You could inject other aspects of weather such as rain, snow, drizzle etc. It would certainly apply to the weather scene for our neighbors in the Golden state.

As in the world of fairytales, “magic comes with a price” our nice little stretch of sunny and dry weather will ultimately relinquish to a more formidable bode of inclement weather. So are you ready to trade the clear, cold and crisp regime for shall I use the word ‘brumous’ forecast? Maybe not yet anyway.

Keeping with the spirit of thanksgiving, I am grateful for the respite from our fall rains and will harbor no complaints when our “normal” weather returns.

Chat with you on the great Thanksgiving Day!