Letter: Keep reading to stay informed



Over the years I’ve heard Democrats and Republicans decide to drop The Columbian because it’s too right- or left-leaning. Sometimes it’s a political cartoon, a columnist, an editorial board position, an endorsement, or the editor’s words that precipitate this action. That’s a mistake. Talk to those who don’t subscribe and it’s clear they don’t know what’s going on in their community. The Columbian is online, but most people won’t spend the time to read the whole paper online.

The Columbian tries to give the appearance of going down the middle. Columnists include those from the right: George Will, Thomas Sowell, Kathleen Parker, Charles Krauthammer, etc., and from the left: Dana Milbank, Eugene Robinson, Leonard Pitts, etc. The prior editorial page editor, John Laird, leaned to the left and now Greg Jayne discloses in many ways that he is on the right. In his Nov. 17 column, “Here’s why Republicans need to change: They’re losing,” he disclosed that he listened to Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter after the election, and opined that Republican ideology needn’t change, they only need to “tinker with” their sales pitch. The Columbian thus swings to the right with analysis of Republican losses that wouldn’t pass muster on the Sports page.

As much as I dislike the change, I’ll keep my subscription and stay informed.

Kenneth Campbell