Letter: In-depth reporting invaluable



Over the past several months, The Columbian, primarily through reporter Marissa Harshman, has provided several in-depth articles about the Affordable Care Act in Washington state. This information is invaluable to the citizenry of Clark County as the only source of in-depth reporting, given our lack of inclusion in the other media markets, which have spent their time scratching only the surface and looking for a simple sound bite.

Washington state is to be commended for its decisions regarding the wahealthplanfinder.org website, and for expansion of Medicaid (Apple Health) in order to provide a robust rollout of the Affordable Care Act. The state insurance commissioner is to be applauded for working to find the 17 plans that are now available at reduced cost to Clark County, and for refusing to backtrack with those companies wishing to take advantage of any loophole available.

Multiple organizations within Clark County, with the leadership of Clark County Public Health, have been working to make this program successful locally, resulting in improved health care (and subsequently improved health) for us all. Fort Vancouver Regional Library has also been an information leader in this effort. My thanks to all.

Karen Hengerer