Letter: Lost the vote but not the battle



Like many of you, I was devastated when Monsanto, Dow and others stole our votes with their outside money and fear-mongering. But I was also disappointed that so many of our friends and neighbors bowed to the negative advertising, did not investigate the facts, and voted against their own best interests.

We have eaten hybrid foods for a long time, apples, wheat, etc., but these foods are created naturally within and by nature. What Monsanto and Dow are doing is chemically altering our foods and inserting other species’ genes to benefit their bottom line. That is wrong.

Yes, we lost the vote on Initiative 522, but we have another line of defense against those who care nothing about our health. We can fight back as consumers.

In the grocery store, look for organic foods and non-genetically modified organisms foods. Encourage your grocers to stock more of these foods and promise to shop there more often if they do. At the manufacturing end, encourage the companies to produce GMO-free foods. If you grow your own food, look for organic or GMO-free seeds.

When it comes to our family’s health, we must be ever vigilant.

Sharon Schnelle