Letter: Partnership feeds the hungry



A Sept. 20 story reported, “Oregon produce shipments to local food banks to end.” As leaders of the two organizations, we’d like to fully explain the strong partnership between Oregon Food Bank and Clark County Food Bank to provide food assistance to people facing hunger in Clark County.

Food banks are part of the chain of food assistance, collecting food by the pallet and distributing this food to food pantries and soup kitchens. Oregon Food Bank also has a regional role, connecting a network of 21 regional food banks throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Clark County Food Bank Coalition relief efforts have been happening in this community since before 1985. Over 1.1 million pounds of food have come directly from Oregon Food Bank into Clark County. Over that time, Oregon Food Bank has championed development of a local Clark County Food Bank, which opened its doors in January 2012. We now provide food to Clark County through Clark County Food Bank, which is responsible for fair distribution. Both food banks believe that local people make better decisions on programs to meet local needs.

The goal of both food banks is to fight hunger by providing more nutritious food to Clark County residents — working hand in hand, until no one in our community worries about where their next meal is coming from.

Alan Hamilton and Susannah Morgan

Vancouver, Portland