Just-for-fun scavenger hunt races across Vancouver



Vancouver Heights — Know how to find fun? Debra Brouhard and Mary Laidlaw sure do. The longtime Vancouver residents took a page from church scavenger hunts they’ve enjoyed and masterminded a big scavenger hunt for their families and friends. Some 40 people showed up on Sept. 21 for the chase across central and east Vancouver, which involved splitting into teams to “solve clues, visit local sites and complete a variety of tasks,” wrote Brouhard’s daughter, Elyse. The target sites included David Douglas Park, Cinetopia (where teams had to provide proof by posing for photos beside movie posters), Evergreen Memorial Gardens and Ducks, Inc. (where they had to buy duct tape). Ages of hunters ranged from 5 to 75; the winning team clocked in at one hour, 43 minutes. This was the second round of the strictly recreational outing, which its masterminds hope to make an annual event.