Letter: Focus on district’s achievements



As one of the highest-paid officials in Clark County, perhaps Vancouver Public Schools Superintendent Steve Webb could have bankrolled his own remodel of his personal “on-the-job” shower. If he continues to add to the ambience at Central Office, I hope he will seek a more competitive contractor. I’m amazed that any sympathy was expected in light of the fact that his job is hardly rooted in manual labor.

As a former educator and strong supporter of public education, I’m appalled at the message this use of district funds will send to voters when the next levy is in question. The predominant demographic within the district is composed of too many people grateful to be bringing home subsistence wages. The economy is slowly improving, but it is not too much to expect that those making financial decisions within the upper echelons of the district demonstrate wisdom when deciding where dollars are spent. Those expenditures should clearly benefit students and the teachers and staff who serve them.

Vancouver Public Schools can take pride in its legion of outstanding, dedicated and generous employees. Within our schools, there are many successful, innovative programs in progress. I hope that continues to be the focus of recognition rather than the poor judgment of a small number of individuals.

Carol Obenour