Letter: Stop stalling and build a crossing



I want to thank Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart, Vancouver City Council members Bart Hansen and Larry Smith and Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow for having both the courage and the vision to pass the resolution allowing C-Tran to enter into an agreement with TriMet to proceed with light rail.

I was impressed with the testimony at the Sept. 26 meeting. Most comments, both pro and con, were well thought out and from the heart. The Columbia River Crossing proposal impacts the entire community, so this kind of informed participation is truly important.

Ours is the only remaining lift-span bridge on the I-5 corridor between Canada and Mexico. Every time there is a bridge lift, traffic stops for about 20 minutes while the bridge goes up and back down. Then, over the next 20 minutes or more, traffic slowly resumes its former pace. These lifts can happen multiple times each day.

While traffic is stalled, cars and trucks are burning fuel and adding pollutants to our air. While traffic is stalled, the goods sitting in those trucks are delayed and commuters are late. Those delays cost money and pose safety hazards.

It’s time to stop stalling. Let’s build a newer, safer, more efficient bridge with multimodal capacity.

Don Russo