Vital Statistics




PEACEHEalth Southwest Medical Center

Nicole L. and Nolan R. Karvonen, Battle Ground, a girl, Lucy M., Sept. 16, 7 pounds, 10 ounces.

Brittney V. Tiller and Ian S. Wittrock, Vancouver, a boy, Raiden S. Wittrock, Sept. 25, 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

Marriage dissolutions


Addy, Meghan M. and Bilal N. Woman's name changed to Brown.

Bauer, Brittney and Travis. Woman's name changed to Holland.

Bromley, Robert Todd and Anna Michelle.

Coleman, Devin Arthur and Kimberly Ann. Woman's name changed to Jensen.

Coury, Jennifer Ann and William Bernardo. Woman's name changed to Hoven.

Erickson, Robin L. and Kirk A.

Gaspar, Bryan Michael and Lucy May.

Hancock, Carrie Ann and Kyle Joseph. Woman's name changed to Mullins.

Henley, Diane Marie and Patrick Monroe.

Johnson, Marcia Wilson and Leslie Chappell.

Johnson, Rick L. and Maguire, Cathyie.

Keller, Joseph John and Guo, Wei.

Lasiter, Gloria Ann and Virgil James.

Mayer, Jeffrey Dean and Melissa Lee. Woman's name changed to Johnson.

McCarson, Kerry Sue and Chad Hewitt. Woman's name changed to Newell.

McClure, Megan and Matthew. Woman's name changed to Sweet.

McIlvain, Gordon Edward and Robin Sue. Woman's name changed to Graham.

Moffet, Cindy Lee and Timothy Charles.

O'Brien, Lindsay N. and Kyle. Woman's name changed to Starkey.

Richardson, Kristina and Steve. Woman's name changed to Earl.

Rogers, Peter and Terri.

Sharma, Vicky Lynn and Sanjaya.

Soule, Crystal N. and Richard A.

Stevens, Joseph Thomas and Chau B. Woman's name changed to Huynh.

Thompson, Zachary D. and Ladonna M. Woman's name changed to Gonzales.

Turner, Patricia A. and Mark David.

Wilson, Irvin I. and Wanda Kay. Woman's name changed to Rudisill.

Wood, Nicholas Cameron and Mulcrone, Sarah Jane.


Ellis, David C. and Ellis-Cain, Laura.

Godin, Donald Lee and Shannon Marie.

Hernandez, Leticia Basurto and Jimenez-Contreas, Pedro.

Knauss, Margaret Emily and Daniel Martin.

Pringle, Joanica Funes and Simon Victor.

Reeder, Teresa Kay and Reginald Bruce.

Marriage licenses


Richards, Christopher Mychal, 24, Battle Ground, and Vakhnenko, Nataliia, 25, Battle Ground.


Harris, Laura Christine, 44, Toledo, Ohio, and Kadow, Sarah Marie, 31, Toledo, Ohio.

Spear, Beatrice Sylvia, 44, Salem, Ore., and Spear, Kathryn Lane, 48, Salem, Ore.

Cassell, Stephen Lyle, 53, Portland, and Duyck, Mark Gerard, 46, Portland.

Hills, Christa Marie, 41, Vancouver, and Cholick, John Joseph, 41, Vancouver.

Abney, Lori Ann, 51, Salem, Ore., and Decamara, Ramona Ann, 49, Salem, Ore.

Hansen-Tuma, Christina Jean, 37, Portland, and Hansen-Tuma, Charel Kirsten, 46, Portland.

Torres, Jorge Estrada, 46, Vancouver, and Gonzalez, Dacia Lucila Ramirez, 47, Vancouver.

Beggs, Emily Marie, 23, Salem, Ore., and Watts, Marcus Allen, 23, Woodland.

Erickson, Donald Larry, 68, Salem, Ore., and Buyes, Fredrick, 45, Salem, Ore.

Duncan, Casey McCafferty, 48, Vancouver, and Johnson, Stephanie Marie, 46, Vancouver.

Almira, Bryan Elmer, 36, Gainesville, Fla., and Ahern, Justin Kilkenny, 34, Gainesville, Fla.

Larson, Lesley Norma, 64, Vancouver, and Burch, Stephen Michael, 62, Vancouver.

McLellan, Sarah Katherine, 33, Portland, and Hitt, Connie Darlene, 50, Portland.

Malicki, Mary Dawn, 56, Vancouver, and Stopera, Constance Marie, 67, Vancouver.

Christensen, Amber Nicole, 30, Canby, Ore., and Christensen, Sarah Elizabeth, 35, Wilsonville, Ore.

Antich, Patrik Edmond, 38, Portland, and Antich, Donald Winston, 34, Portland.

Bolden, Kylie Nicole, 23, Battle Ground, and Harris, Chadman Scott, 23, Battle Ground.

Fuller, Timothy Mark, 70, Dripping Springs, Texas, and Deakyne III, Howard Casrl, 69, Dripping Springs, Texas.

Obdee, Ethan Metre, 25, Silverdale, and Nicholson, Ashley Renee, 22, Vancouver.

Bowman, Cindy Sue, 50, Beaverton, Ore., and Militante, Faye Roselani, 55, Beaverton, Ore.

Kirkpatrick, Kaleb Samuel, 30, Vancouver, and Kirkpatrick, Roxana Isabel, 28, Vancouver.

Redinger, Karalie Rose, 19, Battle Ground, and Gillette, Scott Morgan, 20, Yacolt.

Backus, John Nicholas, 52, Falls City, Ore., and Nelson, Harry Edwin, 63, Falls City, Ore.

Rowland, April Nichole, 33, Vancouver, and Cox, Richard Lynn, 40, Vancouver.

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