Letter: Will of the people ignored



The front page of the Sept. 27 issue of The Columbian stated, “C-Tran approves light-rail plan; Board votes 5-4 on moving forward; public vote rebuffed.” Are not Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and his council members violating state law when they move forward on a project that was previously defeated by the citizens’ vote? Twice? Just how many times must the voters express their will at the ballot box stating they are against light rail into Vancouver?

As I read the High Capacity Transit Act (RCW 81.104), it clearly requires voter approval to authorize funds for planning, operation and maintenance of high-capacity transit including bus rapid transit and light rail. That law states that to “impose the taxes, authorized … approval of the voters” is required (http://1.usa.gov/GzuuTu). And yet, our mayor and his council members continue ignoring the will of the very people that they are supposed to represent. How can our elected officers get away with this?

Ruthie Westlund