Letter: Access to guns plays role in deaths



In a Sept. 21 letter, "Most Americans want gun reform," Frank Karben presented a rational and convincing argument for gun reform.

In response to Karben, in a Sept. 25 letter "Guns cannot be blamed for killing," Jim Souder gave an inane denial of the role guns play in the deaths of too many Americans.

The simple fact is guns are highly effective instruments of death for killers. Reasonable people like Karben obviously want to keep guns out of the hands of deranged or criminally inclined people or at least increase the difficulty of unfit individuals obtaining guns.

The recent killings in Washington, D.C., highlight how easy it is for a mentally ill person to arm himself. Felons easily buy weapons at gun shows or steal them off closet shelves. Guns do stray with the help of burglars. Most gun safes and locked closets don't stop a determined thief from stealing a gun. Too often homeowners' own guns are turned on them. Too many folks have been shot at through negligence or with more evil intent.

Reasonable people will support a better system to check the fitness of potential gun buyers. The right to bear arms is not absolute. Backyard intercontinental ballistic missiles are not permitted.

Laurie Sturgeon