Letter: Eligibility can influence a solution



As a voter for over 60 years, I'm disgusted with many of our elected officials in Washington, D.C. Many are arrogant people trying to run our country when they don't know how. They don't want things that are the best for everyone — just for the Republican Party. Hating the president because he's a Democrat is petty and stupid.

But trying to stop the Affordable Care Act might be a big mistake on their part.

The solution: If they have served only two terms in Congress (two years each), they will not be entitled for any government pension because it takes five years to be eligible. And their health insurance will not be available when they leave office. Senators serving two or three terms (six years each), will not be eligible until they reach the age of 62. And they will not keep their present health insurance unless they are working for the government when they retire. And if any of those people needing new insurance have a "pre-existing condition" such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., they might not be able to get any insurance on the "outside."

Check out the information about the government retirement systems, details at 1.usa.gov/o5QCz7, and then make up your mind.

Patricia McKee Bauer